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Fence and Gates



We can provide a variety of fencing materials.
Fencing can help add character to a property

Different materials to define your borders -
brick walls with fencing inbetween

Fencing provides a more secure area for your garden;
it provides a safer place for children to play in, especially
if you live near main roads.
Fencing provides a more secure garden for pets.
Fencing gives you more privacy from neighbours or pedestrains,
if you live in a busy area.
Fencing is a cheaper alternative to brick walls.
There are a variety of types of fencing to choose from.
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  • Install New Fence

  • Repair Fence

  • Set Posts

  • Insert Panels

We install or repair all kinds of fences and fence posts.
We can also repair Gates or fit a new Gate.



Why New?

There are many reasons for building a fence:
  • Security
  • Noise reduction
  • Boundary definition
We can help with these practical reasons.
A well-designed and installed fence is also a stylish addition to your landscape.
Wood fences allow you to combine function and fashion.
Quality Fence Panels will make your home look great.