Resin Bound

Resin Surfaces

Before - Tarmac drive now looking worn and patchy 

After - New Resin Bound Driveway with block pave edgings

Resin - Before & After


Concrete drive and paths now showing signs of wear & tear

Cracked and broken concrete in places and weed growth spoiling the surface

Paving slab pathways also need an update, again weed growth coming up between the slabs




Resin Bound driveway and paths laid in 'Staffordshire Pink'

with edgings in a contrasting colour in Block Pave

Installed new fencing for more privacy and to finish the landscape.

Border for plants and flowers to the left and a small border and lawn to the right of the property.


Resin Bound is where the aggregate is mixed in with the resin.

After it has been mixed thoroughly it is then troweled evenly over the surface.

Resin Bound leaves a smooth, flat surface with no loose gravel.

(Resin Bound is not to be confused with resin bond, which is where the resin is laid onto the surface and the aggregate laid on top).


Resin Bound Surfaces make an ideal driveway.  

The advantages of having a resin bound driveway:


Extremely durable

Permeable porus surface which allows water to drain through

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

Require little maintenance

Non slip surface

Easier surface for wheelchairs

Can be laid on almost any surface

The existing driveway doesn't need to be dug up

There are no loose stones as the aggregate is bound to the resin

Designs can be incorporated

Variety of colours to choose from






Before - old concrete driveway

After - new resin driveway with edging in block paving to contrast the colour of the resin

During - preparation - ensuring the area is clean and leveled before the resin is laid

During - bock pave edgings 

Finished - Resin Driveway laid
Resin laid and trowelled for a smooth finish

Finished - also laid a resin pathway around the property to match the driveway, including the steps which are also edged with the contrasting block paving

Why Resin Bound

Resin Bound can be used on existing driveways without the need for digging up the driveway.


It can be used for:








Children's Playgrounds


Sports Areas - outdoor & indoor


Car Parks




Swimming Pools - surrounding the pool areas


Pedestrian areas


Resin Bound 2



As you can see the driveway and paths have been laid at different times and you can clearly see the different patches of concrete where it has been added/extended
The resin can be applied to an existing surface.
All surfaces are inspected and prepared before the resin bound is applied



The resin is laid and trowelled to create a smooth surface
Block paving has been used for the edgings in a contrasting colour

The resin bound surface has been used for the driveway and the paths to the front door and side of the building;
again the colour scheme of the resin aggregate and the block pave edgings have been incorporated to blend in with the driveway.




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